Torkham terminal: No consignment of onion or tomato stuck up

PESHAWAR: Customs authorities have dispelled impression created that 274 consignments of onions imported from Afghanistan are stuck up for clearance at Torkham border terminal. In a rebuttal issued here on Sunday, the customs authorities informed that during last ten days including Saturday, 708 vehicles containing 27,000 metric ton of onions and 648 vehicles laden with 22, 000 MT of tomatoes have been cleared from Torkham. The Customs authorities further informed that perishable goods especially vegetables imported from Afghanistan are given priority for immediate clearance. Usually it takes few hours to clear a perishable consignment from Torkham once all codal requirements like payment of duty/taxes are completed by importers or their clearing agents. Around 99% of such consignments are cleared on same day of their arrival. At present no consignment of onion or tomato awaits clearance or stuck up at Torkham terminal.