Pakistan develops its own ‘bloodless’ Dialysis Technology

As a major development towards improving medical care in the country, a private medical company has developed Pakistan’s first bloodless kidney dialysis machine, which will allow patients to conduct their dialysis at home.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Information Technology, Farrukh Usman, founder of Byonyks, the first medical device manufacturer of bloodless dialysis machines in Pakistan, called on Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication Aminul Haq.

Farrukh Usman informed the minister that his company has developed this dialysis machine with the help of Ignite Seed (SEED) funding and Angel Investors. The machine does not require extracting blood out of the human body to perform dialysis.

With this dialysis machine, which was developed under the financial and technical support of the government kidney patients can undergo blood dialysis at home without any physical discomfort. “The testing and trial data is being gathered for feedback and patient health progress,” informed the ministry.

Federal Minister for IT Syed Aminul Haq said that the machine would be manufactured on a commercial basis after approval from all concerned agencies.

“Pakistan will be 5th country in the world to have its indigenously produced ‘Bloodless’ Dialysis Technology after the US, Germany, Japan, France, and China,” said the ministry.

The minister said that the MOITT is fully committed to serving the masses and equipped the country’s youth with technical skills, and assured to offer full support to Byonyks.