BankIslami announces restoration of payment system

KARACHI: BankIslami on Monday announced via press release that its payment system had been successfully restored and was “absolutely secured”, as it recovers from last month’s cyber attack. The statement added that all of the bank’s services could be accessed and operated as per usual, which includes using other banks’ ATMs, internet banking and its mobile application.

According to a digital security website, the data of over 8,000 account holders of about 10 Pakistani banks was sold in a market of hackers. As concerns about a breach of credit and debit card data spread in banking circles, around 10 banks blocked all international transactions on their cards. BankIslami had on Oct 27 reported a cyber attack targeting bank accounts held by customers. It said that Rs2.6 million had been stolen from international payment cards, after which it had stopped such transactions, allowing biometrically verified payments only on ATM cards within Pakistan.

BankIslami’s statement today said that customers could now access other banks’ ATMs for cash withdrawal as well as BankIslami’s national ATM network for fund transfers — including the Inter-Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT) service, as well as online utilities and bill payments.

The statement said that the Point of Sales (PoS) services would also be restored soon. The press release said that BankIslami holds customers safety in “utmost priority” and that it had ensured that customers did not suffer any loss. The statement added that the bank was in contact with customers and was keeping them informed about the situation.

“We appreciate our customers’ firm faith in us throughout this period and hereby reassure that we have put in place all the measures necessary and upgraded the system’s resilience to safeguard the Bank and its customers.” They said they were confident that the efforts would further strengthen customers’ safety and security.