Thailand cave rescue: Rescuers weigh boys’ escape options

Rescuers are considering how best to bring to safety a group of boys trapped in a flooded cave network in northern Thailand.

The 12 boys and their football coach were discovered alive on Monday.

Divers reached them nine days after they entered the caves and became trapped by rising waters caused by heavy rainfall.

More heavy rain could see water levels rise and threaten the air pocket where the group has taken refuge.

Attempts are being made to reduce the risk of this by pumping water from the underground system.

Professional divers are battling the difficult conditions to bring food and medicines to them, highlighting the complicated nature of any rescue.

There are plans to install a phone line so the boys can talk to their families.

Earlier, the Thai military said the boys would need to learn to dive – or wait months for flooding to recede before they could get out of the caves.

Food would need to be sent in for at least the next four months if the scuba-diving option was ruled out, the military added.