Is North Korea secretly continuing its nuclear programme?

Reports that North Korea is continuing its weapons programme, despite pledges to denuclearise, have cast doubt on its sincerity in peace talks.

The recent reports, based on US intelligence leaks, suggest the country is still upgrading its nuclear enrichment sites, among other activities. So what’s actually going on?

What are the allegations?

Here’s what has been reported across US media:

  • North Korea’s only official nuclear enrichment site at Yongbyon is being upgraded.
  • The country is stepping up enrichment at two or more secret sites besides Yongbyon.
  • Pyongyang continues to produce more mobile launch vehicles for its ballistic missiles.
  • It has also expanded missile production of solid fuel engines which are more mobile and easier to launch.

How reliable are these reports? They are “only” reports but they are deemed accurate by respected North Korea watchers.

The information is based on multiple unnamed sources from the US intelligence community as well as theĀ 38 North study of satellite images of the Yongbyon site.