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Mamnoon urges quality research in universities

President Mamnoon Hussain Thursday emphasized the need for developing a strong relationship between higher education and economic development, urging quality assurance of the research being made in national universities and degree awarding institutes. The President said this during a meeting with the 2nd group of heads of leading universities and [...]

Europe: Belgium among top 3 US creditors

HERE’S today’s look at some of the top stories on markets and politics in Europe. EU approves banking union plan. The European banking reform plan is now final after four years of fierce debate. The European Parliament voted on Tuesday to approve it. Bank shareholders and bondholders will now be [...]

Banks fiddled while Rome burned

LOOKING back, it was easy to see that the crash was coming. There had been too much cheap money. Debt had exploded. Speculation was rife. The gap between rich and poor had widened. Welfare spending had risen. The financial system was so stretched that even a modest tightening of policy [...]

‘I have no security concerns in Pakistan’

Pakistan authorities need to restore the confidence of the cricketing world to bring international activity back to the country, an Asian Cricket Council official said. Pakistan has not hosted any international cricket since a brazen militant attack on the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore in March 2009. The Asian [...]

Court keeps Srinivasan out of BCCI

The Supreme Court has turned down N Srinivasan’s reinstatement request, and has revealed that he is one of the 13 named in the sealed envelope submitted to it by the Justice Mudgal committee. In response to the BCCI counsel CA Sundaram’s argument that the court was responding only to prima [...]