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Citibank analysts say “hold meant sell”

Amajor function of an investment bank is to get people to buy and sell securities. The way this works is pretty much that the banks’ employees get on telephones or airplanes or Bloombergs and tell clients, “Hey here is a security you should buy,” and tell other clients, “Hey here [...]

Sindh Microfinance Bank on the cards

The Provincial Minister of Finance, Syed Murad Ali Shah says Sindh government is planning to set up Microfinance Bank in order to facilitate the work being undertaken by microfinance institutions in the province. Speaking at the 8th Microfinance Country Forum here, he said the role of microfinance is greater and [...]

Govt to resolve industry problems on priority: Mushahid

President of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Ijaz Ahmad Mumtaz urged the need for active collaboration between public and private sectors to benefit from the vast trade opportunities presented by the World Trade Organization. Mr. Mumtaz, while warmly welcoming European Union’s Trade Related Technical Assistance (TRTA II) [...]

Looking for a ‘bailout’

THE implicit reliance on the government by some businesses – assumed in the shape of a bailout during times of distress – often turns out to be misplaced, particularly when the problem is self-created and not an outcome of adverse economic conditions or wrong official policies. However, there is a [...]

American banking has its own Tea Party

LIKE the anti-establishment wing of the Republican Party, the American banking business has its own version of a Tea Party: the Independent Community Bankers of America. In just the past week, the trade group has vociferously opposed the nomination of a Wall Street banker to the Treasury and hailed a [...]

Miandad backs Kenyan team’s tour to Pak

Legendary batsman Javed Miandad while backing the Kenya next month’s tour to Pakistan said if this visit fails to bring in other foreign teams here than it would prove an expensive gamble for the Pakistan Cricket Board. The Kenyan cricket team will arrive in Pakistan for a five-match ODI series [...]

Southeast Asia’s banks promoting women on top posts

Janet Yellen’s appointment as Federal Reserve chair this year was hailed as another step toward gender equality. How about a central bank where women outnumber men? This is the Bank of Thailand, which runs monetary policy in Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy and has 31 women among its 60 top executives. [...]